Asea Nautica is
the ideal partner
during all phases of projects

Asea Nautica offers support to shipyards, shipowners and electricians at every stage of boat building, from before construction to after.


Commissioning is an essential process if you want to insert a product into a complex setting such as a yacht.

The Asea Nautica technicians follow the specific protocol for the system installed after which a commissioning certificate is issued.


As the documentation accompanying the equipment or system is well designed, nothing more than a dedicated course, based on experience and on daily use, suffices to learn the information and good practices.

Asea Nautica always instructs chief engineers and technical managers on the proper use of the systems sold.


The after-sales business involves the management of a service network in order to ensure timely and punctual interventions.

The area covered directly is that of the Italian and French coasts, but Asea Nautica can rely on a professional network capable of intervening wherever the yacht is.


The equipment and modern systems are designed for heavy usage and must always ensure maximum efficiency, especially in the case of yachts, for which a dysfunction results immediately in the dissatisfaction of the user.

The best way is prevention and scheduled maintenance in which Asea Nautica has a long and thorough experience.

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