Electrical consulting

Asea Nautica
wants to spread
the electricity culture
to the nautical world 

The on-board electrical systems are a single, complex corpus, whose development requires attention and professionalism. In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, Asea Nautica provides all-round technical support for all electrical on-board systems, from the initial definition of the objectives to the creation of the supply specifications, from support during the selection of the provider to the on-board survey during the construction, from problem solving to risk assessment and relations with Class Registers.

Over the years the great skills and professionalism of the Asea Nautica team has secured collaborations with all the major players of the yachting industry.

Technical Specifications

To meet the various needs of the buyers, Asea Nautica creates technical specifications for the design of electrical systems for boats allowing the yard to formalise the shipowner’s needs in specific supply specifications that are used by installers for the formulation of the estimates, ensuring the accuracy, clarity and quality of the results.

The professionalism and competence of Asea Nautica allows us to offer construction site support in the analysis of the specific project needs to assess the advisability of applying traditional or innovative solutions.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the Asea Nautica specialists are able to offer one of the most qualified survey services on the market for vessels under construction, refit vessels or operational vessels.

Vessels under construction: our specialists will check the activities carried out during the installation of the equipment, during testing or subsequent checks, such as those for compliance with specifications and requirements.

Vessel refit: qualified staff will deal with evaluating the system, expertise and price evaluation, with the creation of technical documents and specifications, and with the resolution of technical installation or compliance problems.

Operational vessels: qualified and professional service of system and expertise inspections, as well as the verification of compliance with the Class Registers and solving technical problems.

Furthermore, Asea Nautica offers its expertise and professionalism in conducting surveys for construction sites or shipowners.

Training courses

The passion of Asea Nautica for its industry, combined with the in-depth knowledge of both technological and professional issues, has resulted in the establishment of training courses on behalf of shipyards or university institutes dedicated to spreading the electrical systems culture.

The courses are for those in charge of the technical departments of the shipyards or young people who have chosen to embark on this career path.

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