We select only
the best brands worldwide
to join our network

Asea Nautica selects the brands to be included within its portfolio interpreting the technological trends of the yachting sector and adapting innovations from the most advanced sectors to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of shipyards and shipowners.

All of Asea Nautica’s products have passed stringent assessments in terms of technical specifications, robustness, reliability, durability and strength.

In addition to a qualitative analysis of the items offered by each brand, the Asea Nautica experts select their partners also on the basis of flexibility, customization and the level of support offered.

ASEA NAUTICAL pays particular attention to customer needs to ultimately ensure that the products offered guarantee the best value for money on the market.

Frequency Converters

Asea Power Systems and DKC, reliability and flexibility for endless configurations. Shore Power and Guest Room frequency converters

Generation, Propulsion and Power Conversion Systems

Danfoss Editron, power and safety with minimal encumbrance

Energy Storage and Management Systems

Loadly, Mg and Victron, cutting-edge technology for innovative solutions.

Boat Automation Monitoring and Control Systems

Naviop from automation to the integrated dashboard

Our services


Each product has its own protocol. In Asea Nautica we believe that accuracy is absolutely necessary, so we take on every protocol provided by the manufacturer during the commissioning of all products, without leaving out any of them.


Perfection is achieved through study and continuous training. For this reason, Asea Nautica organises qualified training courses for crews, to ensure a correct and optimal use of the installed equipment.

After-sales assistance

A network of professionals at your service. Asea Nautica never abandons its clients and provides an authorised service for each of the brands in its portfolio to ensure a timely intervention wherever the yacht is.

Scheduled maintenance

Although we aim for perfection, the unexpected is always possible. To minimise the risk of failures during the season, Asea Nautica offers a range of accurate tips for the best possible scheduled maintenance.