Great energy

for great goals.

Over the years Asea Nautica has become the point of reference for energy management in the yachting market.

Thanks to partnerships with leading brands, to having recognized skills in the creation of electrical systems and to the assistance offered during construction, testing and after-sales, Asea Nautica is the ideal partner for the shipowner, builder and designer.

Our Partners

Best solutions to power your yacht

Excellence is a goal that must be constantly pursued, especially in the choice of partners for collaborations. For this reason, Asea Nautica only works with brands that are able to offer the best solutions to the needs of shipyards and shipowners for energy management on yachts at sea, in port and for hybrid propulsion.

Our services


Each product has its own protocol. In Asea Nautica we believe that accuracy is absolutely necessary, so we take on every protocol provided by the manufacturer during the commissioning of all products, without leaving out any of them.


Perfection is achieved through study and continuous training. For this reason, Asea Nautica organises qualified training courses for crews, to ensure a correct and optimal use of the installed equipment.

After-sales assistance

A network of professionals at your service. Asea Nautica never abandons its clients and provides an authorised service for each of the brands in its portfolio to ensure a timely intervention wherever the yacht is.

Scheduled maintenance

Although we aim for perfection, the unexpected is always possible. To minimise the risk of failures during the season, Asea Nautica offers a range of accurate tips for the best possible scheduled maintenance.

Electrical consulting

Technical specifications

Technical expertise to make things easy. Different needs, different contexts: for Asea Nautica each project is a new challenge, so we guarantee the preparation of technical specifications for the design of the electrical systems according to the requirements of shipyards and shipowners.


It is only thanks to Asea Nautica’s extensive experience in serving shipyards and shipowners that we are able to guarantee the respect for technical specifications and regulations of any ship, construction or refit project.

Training courses

Exchange and updating are essential elements to expand our knowledge. Asea Nautica aims to spread the culture of the electrical systems in the marine world by collaborating on education projects organized by shipyards or universities.

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