About us


Asea Nautica was born in the late ’90s as a company that represented Asea Power Systems. The intuition of the founders, Alessandro Ciolfi and Pietro Comerro, led to the introduction of the first frequency converters for ship electrical systems in the Italian marine market and it proved to be an immediate success. Soon, in addition to installation, it became necessary to also assist with technical support to meet the needs of customers who require a complete and continued service.

This request led to another innovation, the birth of the Electrical Consultant, a unique figure in the Italian ship industry, a role which came to life with the arrival of Antonio Lupi in the company.

Focused on innovation by vocation, the company continued to improve in terms of both quality and quantity, with the creation of a business unit dedicated to the sale by representative or distribution of technology solutions from other sectors but that can be used to meet the latent or manifest requirements in the nautical sector in a more effective way than traditional solutions. Thus, advanced and absolute value brands were introduced, such as MG Energy Solutions for lithium batteries, Victron energy for inverters and chargers, Naviop for yacht automation, Danfoss for hybrid propulsion.


Knowledge of the market and technological production processes, combined with continuous contact with the needs of customers, meant that our company needed a strong mission: seek high-performance technologies, from different sectors, and adapt them to the nautical world in order to find new solutions that are more satisfactory than conventional, able to satisfy the needs of customers who are followed from the moment of installation to technical support.

The Team

Alessandro Ciolfi


Antonio Lupi

Electrical Consultancy Manager

Lorenzo Mattioli

Operations Manager

Massimiliano Frasson

Sales manager

Ivan Bigarani

Service Manager

Virginia Argenti

Back Office

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